Maxximum Beta-Alanine
  • Supports Carnosine Synthesi
  • Better muscle contractions
  • 1000 mg Beta-Alanine per serving
  • Sweeteners and colorings free
  • Tasteless

Packaging sizes

  • 250 g


  • Tasteless

Product description

Beta Alanine plays a key role in synthesis of dipeptide carnosine. Carnosine occurs through the merger of two amino acids: beta alanine and histidine. In muscle tissue, levels of histidine are much higher than levels of beta alanine, so it makes sense to add beta alanine as a supplement. Carnosine may contribute to the improvement of exercise in several ways. Most importantly it controls the acidity in the muscles during exercise, which is felt as a burning sensation in the muscles. Excess acid in the muscles leads to muscle fatigue and it inhibits the action of enzymes that are needed for energy production and muscle concentration.

Maxximum Beta-Alanine is available in powder form, without added flavorings, colorings and sweeteners.

Maxx Beta Alanine


Beta-Alanine (99,7 %), Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide).

Directions for use

Mix 1 scoop (2 g) with 200 ml of water. Stir until dispersed. Workout days: Consume one serving approximately 30 minutes before workout and one serving in the morning. Non-workout days: Consume up to two servings daily.

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